Tips for the child first visit

Here are some tips for bringing your child to Downtown Dentistry Guelph located dental office for their first visit:

Check the place out

Bring your child to the dental office for a mini visit. Our team member will be glad to show your child how the dental chair works. They can see the tools of the trade: a water gun (air/water syringe), a mister thirsty (suction), a mouth mirror and perhaps a tooth tickler (tooth explorer).

Age of the child at first visit

Generally, it is recommended that age 3 is best to have your child’s teeth checked and cleaned.

Spare the details

Just before the first visit tell your child to practice opening their mouth, so that the doctor can count their teeth. Children understand counting and this is a familiar concept. Do not tell them that we are cleaning bugs off their teeth, as they may create some wrong images in their heads. Tell them that we will be tickling their teeth.

Children are very astute to your feelings and thoughts. If you are enthusiastic and positive about the visit, chances are they will be too.

Bring some cool shades

The overhead light is pretty bright. The dental office usually has sunglasses to help with the light and to prevent water spray from getting into your child’s eyes. If you prefer, you can bring your child’s sunglasses for protection and a cool look.

All done

At the end of the visit, your child will get a brand new toothbrush, some floss or floss picks, and a small toy or stickers from the treasure chest.

If you have any questions or concerns, call Dr. Foksa, your Guelph dentist at Downtown Dentistry.