More on X-ray

The most common dental x-rays, the bitewing radiographs, expose you to 0.038 mSv, and a full-mouth dental X-ray examination is only 0.150 mSv. Ionizing radiation is measured in units of mSv (miliSievert).

That’s on the old X-ray films. Digital Dental X-rays can be up to 1/3rd to 1/4th less than the traditional dental X-rays.

Compare that to how much radiation you are exposed to from outer space every year: 0.510 mSv, and how much from nature: 3.000 mSv.

If you have any concerns talk to your Guelph family dentist Dr. Foksa.

Source Estimated Exposure (mSv)
Man Made Dental X-rays
Bitewing radiographs 0.038
Full-mouth series 0.150
Medical X-rays
Lower gastrointestinal tract radiography 4.060
Upper gastrointestinal tract radiography 2.440
Chest radiograph 0.080
Natural Cosmic (Outer Space) Radiation
Average radiation in Denver from outer space (per year) 0.510
Earth and Atmospheric Radiation
Average radiation in the U.S. from natural sources (per year) 3.000