Fillings (restorations) are used to replace tooth structure that is decayed. Caries can be detected through direct observation or x-rays. Fillings are also used to repair fractured, broken, or severely worn teeth.

Modern dentistry has allowed us to combine beauty as well as strength when restoring teeth. Today’s fillings are close to the original strength and appearance of teeth. The patient comfort is always the main priority of our dental team, leading to a positive experience and patient satisfaction.

Dr. Foksa places composite resin fillings that are carefully selected to match your teeth. First, Dr. Foksa will start with cavity preparation, removing any decay and shaping the final preparation. The next step will be the placement of composite-resin filling material, which then will be cured (hardened) by using a curing light. The final step will be polishing of the filling to adapt it smoothly to the natural shape of the tooth structure.

Composite fillings are very aesthetic restorations since they are available in natural shades matching tooth color. Fillings do not last forever so it is essential that you visit Dr. Foksa regularly for further examinations. Fillings can develop cracks or simply wear down due to chewing forces.

Dr. Foksa will monitor the integrity of your fillings during regular exams and will recommend a replacement of a filling if a problem is detected.