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A torus is a bony elevation that creates a hard visible mass in the mouth, usually appearing in the premolar region. Typically, it does not appear until late teen or adult years. A torus will not usually hinder eating, speaking, or swallowing, but can interfere with denture placement and in such case would have to be surgically removed. Tori are common and are usually painless. If you have symptoms consistent with a torus and are experiencing either pain or obstruction, visit Dr. Jarek Foksa in Guelph.

A torus does not usually require medical treatment unless it becomes painful, interferes with denture placement, or is repeatedly being injured by sharp foods such as potato chips or fish bones. Treatment usually consists of chiseling off the lesions by Dr. Jarek Foksa experienced in removing tori.

At the first sign of any unusual symptoms, consult Dr. Jarek Foksa to get the condition diagnosed and treated immediately.

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